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"Bullying: Hidden Causes, Radical Solutions(MP3 audio) " by Alfie Kohn at the University of Calgary, February 21, 2013
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  • Arkansas Department of Education University of Ontario Institute of Technology

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    Durham College

    We are proud to partner with the State of Arkansas Department of Education, CES University / Universidad CES of Medellin, Colombia, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Durham College, Mount Royal University, the Calgary Regional Consortium and iEARN, the International Education and Resource Network and Teachers Without Borders in providing world-class, research-based, online Professional Learning online courses, Video Conference Presentations and Webinars to educators and parents around the world, in English and Spanish!

  • Bullying is a universal issue that touches almost every person, family, school, business or community at one time or another regardless of age, gender, race, religion or socio-economic status. Bullying is not only a "school" issue, bullying is a broader community health and wellness issue. The effects of bullying can last a lifetime. Bullying also has economic costs associated with decreased productivity, lost man-hours, absenteeism, workplace aggression, harassment and intimidation.

    Employees shouldn't be afraid to go to work.
    Parents shouldn't have to fear sending their children to school. Students shouldn't be afraid to go to school. School and workplace shootings should NEVER happen. Suicides can be prevented.

    Did you realize that many teachers did not have a class, let alone a course about bullying when they were studying to become teachers at their University's Faculty of Education? Yet, bullying is often the number one non-academic issue that many educators face!!!

    How can this be? ! It is like graduating class after class of health professionals who have no training in dealing with influenza. In this day and age it is unthinkable that we might see a nurse or doctor with the flu and have them not know how do help us, yet this is what has happened with the issue of bullying.

    The good news is that prevention of bullying through education and awareness IS POSSIBLE and that all of us can play a role.

    We need to understand the issue of bullying more deeply. We need to learn about what the world's best research is telling us. We need to be aware of practical approaches, policies, programs and resources that are effective.

    The critical question is DO WE HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE AND THE WILL?

    Helping you acquire the knowledge is what is all about, the will is entirely up to you. offers a number of ways to support you in your learning about the issue of bullying, you choose the path and resources that will best help you in your learning journey.

    We offer different online learning resources for parents, educators and others who are interested in addressing the issue of bullying more effectively in their homes, schools and communities.

    You haven't taken an online course before? Don't worry, it's really not that hard at all. As we are parents and professional educators, we created our courses and resources with you in mind. We have supporting resources in place to help you find your way. We have taken many courses ourselves, many of which were dubious quality, or little or no help in meeting our learning needs, so we are committed to making our courses the best we can. Our online courses and resources were created with a foundation in some of the world's best research on the topic of bullying. We have tried very hard to strike a good balance between having strong research, combined with practical assignments and supporting multimedia learning resources that can help all kinds of learners, and we know teaching, learning and technology! Our courses are very affordable compared to many online courses and represent very good value for money. We are continually adding new content and resources to make our online courses and resources the most current and helpful to you.

    Here’s what currently offers and what we will offer very soon:

    Ö Webinars (available now): These are online multimedia presentations you can order and include in your next Professional Development Day, conference, Parent-Teacher Association meeting or community gathering. All you need is a computer, access to the Internet, a multimedia projector, projection screen, speakers and you are good to go! They can be paused, played and replayed to meet your schedule throughout the day you have ordered the presentation for.

    Ö 100 Level online non-credit courses (available now):: These are self-directed introductory courses intended for personal and professional learning and growth. There are no “classes” with fellow learners interacting at the same time. You proceed on your own pace. 100 level courses are offered on a continuous basis throughout the year. 100 level courses have no enrollment limit. 100 level courses are assessed as “Complete” or “Incomplete”. A certificate is issued upon successful completion of these courses.

    Ö 200 Level online non-credit courses (in development): 200 level self-directed online courses have similar content to 100 level courses and are assessed as “Complete” or “Incomplete”. A certificate is issued from a University upon successful completion of these courses.

    * We have partnered with the CES University / Universidad CES to offer a new E201-SP course for Spanish-Speaking / Latino educators around the world, beginning in the Fall of 2012. Please E-mail us if you would like further information about this ground-breaking global Professional Development initiative!

    * We are currently exploring partnerships with other Universities to create exciting new Professional Development opportunities for educators around the world. Please join our E-mail list or follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date on our latest news!

    Ö In-person “live” presentations: for your conference, Professional Development Day or community gathering. Book now!

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